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It was 2006 and I was working for a large charter company that had bases in several states of Australia, with our head office based in Canberra (Australia). The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) had indicated to us that a general and routine audit was required, but we were unsure of how we’d effectively demonstrate our CRM compliance. While we had excellent systems in place during induction and recurrent sessions, there was no information that was readily available to pilots on a day-to-day basis (forming part of the compliance)

I had worked on numerous online safety systems prior to this point and had manufactured Learning Management Systems for at least a few companies I’d formerly worked with. I suggested an online resource attached to our staff intranet and idea that was readily accepted, so built a small course with another pilot (that assisted with content) that we had online in time for our audit.

Needless to say that CASA were impressed with what we’d done (by 2006 standards, anyhow) and our work not only met their requirements, but they used it as an example of best practice (the original course had numerous videos, regular info emails, and regular exams).

The company later introduced Threat and Error Management to Australian aviation, and this (and other subjects) weren’t included in the original course content… and it’s not (yet) a part of this short tutorial. The latter programs we worked on were more robust and weren’t cost limited, so online human factors education became part as part of normal everyday information disseminated via our Intranet.

This online tutorial is an abbreviated version of what was manufactured then, and it remains as a good resource of CRM related material for those interested in CRM and human factors education.

The original website below sat online until June 2015 when it was migrated over to a more robust CMS — something that wasn’t necessarily available at the time (I originally built a CRM that was designed around our specific needs).

We run a website at flight.org where we maintain most of our safety and CRM articles, we have a podcast at FlightPodcast.com , and we have about a dozen other aviation websites orientated around flight training and aviation safety.

We will build upon this website over time to be a more useful resource. While CrewResourceManagement.com is no longer maintained, those articles were ported over to Flight .

We maintain a CRM library on our YouTube channel here .

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